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Medical conditions/medication

Always mention any conditions or medication to your coach/leader.

Always carry any emergency medication (Inhalers, Epipens, GTN etc) and tell your coach/leader where they are.  Don’t just leave them on the bank as you may be some distance from the launch point during the session.


Essential reading! The risk is very low where we paddle but it is important that you know how to minimise the risk and what to do if you may have picked up an infection.


Who for?  Club Members.  From novice to expert.

Where and when?  At the Quarry Swimming Centre, Shrewsbury, Tuesdays 7-8pm & 8-9pm,  mid September to March or early April and bookings usually open around early August. Check the calendar  to see if any sessions are currently open for booking.

Do I have to book?  Yes.  Members should log in to the Members area to book and pay for places on blocks of sessions usually of 4 weeks duration.  Cost about £10 per session including coaching, boat, bouyancy aid, spray deck and paddle.

What if I have to miss a session?  Usually you can resell or give your unused session to another club member via the mailshot or our facebook  page.

Turn up for 6.45pm or 7.45pm as appropriate. Change in the ground floor changing rooms opposite reception and go through to poolside.  A t-shirt is recommended over your cozzy.  Some folk prefer to wear goggles and nose clips when practising rolling.





Who for?  Club Members and prospective members on up to 2 taster sessions.  Minimum age 14y.o.

Where/when? On Mondays from September to April, 8-9 pm in the Quarry Swimming Centre, Shrewsbury. 

Do I have to book?  Yes. go to the events page to book and pay for places,cost £9 per session. Boat and kit included (it is called “canoe polo” but the game is actually played in kayaks!)

What skills do I need?  Competent and quick on flat water.  A roll is not essential but you should be close to having the ability.

Our canoe polo team plays in Div 4 of the North West League.

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