Video / slideshow / talk / interpretive dance competition!

Monday April 13th 2015 by Tom Hyde | 0 comments

As Alex has said in her email there will be a competition for media to be shown during the 2016 AGM (as there is a great need for the AGM’s to have a bit more than just the boring stuff) As inspiration I have put in a video of your chairman getting a thrashing in the Alps, should be simple enough to make something better than the raw unedited footage in that!

Alex’s email regarding the competition:

After a fairly dry AGM (the highlight of which being a well colour coded spreadsheet) we have decided we need to bring back the glory days, when the AGM was 20% business 80% party. We used to have members show pictures of their exploits, or give a talk about a special trip. We’d have a bring and share buffet, a few bevies and everyone from all sectors of the club would get to know about what everyone else was doing.

So, high brace yourselves, for the launch of the SCC Paddling Presentation competition!
You have a year to create a gripping / funny / interesting / exciting / relaxing presentation about your paddling for the 2016 AGM. Your presentation can take the form of a go-pro film, slideshow, talk, interpretive dance …. anything that gets across how much fun you had on the water in 2015.
We want to see surf, canals, raging rivers, placid lakes and brutal polo tackles. We want to see old hands rolling in anger and newbies first taste of grade 3. We want to hear about that sea paddling holiday where you saw a porpoise and had a BBQ on the beach!
Of course there will be prizes …. prizes so wonderful its going to take me a whole year to think them up!
Entries will be limited to 10 minutes, although much shorter entries will be fine; we’d rather have a well edited 2 mins of footage than 10 minutes of unedited tedium.
Closing date will be March 18th. If you are doing a slideshow or film I’ll need the files, if you are doing a talk I’ll need to know what its about and how long it will take.
The top entries will be selected by a panel of experts, and shown at 2016’s AGM.
Can’t wait to see what you come up with,

Sunday December 7th 2014
by Dylan Tomlinson

Polo Rolling & Practise Session

This Monday’s session, 8 Dec, will focus on rolling practice & preparing the B-team for this Saturday’s NWC Div 4 in Cheadle.

Have a look at these videos before you come along & I’ll be going through them & the rules theory from 7:30pm upstairs in the cafe:


Wednesday October 22nd 2014
by Alex Tedford

WWSR – application of skills!

Well, it’s been nearly 6 months since the White Water Safety and Rescue course on the Dee, so I thought it was time for an update on the way in which we have been able to apply the skills learnt.

Anyone who has had a swim in the bottom hole at the Mill recently will be aware of Dyl’s new ‘shouting to facilitate self-rescue’ skills. Your voice is your single most important piece of rescue equipment; and shouting clear, positive instructions is the easiest way of getting a swimmer to the nearest bank.

Brian found many of the techniques learnt invaluable, particularly the rope work and mechanical advantage techniques on a recent trip to the Alps. After a swim, boat and swimmer were quickly retrieved, then evacuated from the gorge using ropes. A video of the entire rescue can be seen here, courtesy of Tom Hyde Jr.

Stacey getting to grips with mechanical advantage techniques

Stacey getting to grips with mechanical advantage techniques

Dom putting some muscle in

Dom putting some muscle in

The lovely coach Rich making it look easy

The lovely coach Rich making it look easy

Lots of concentration needed!

Lots of concentration needed!

I can't think of a better spot for a hard earned lunch

I can’t think of a better spot for a hard earned lunch

I think Greg won

I think Greg won

I think everyone found the course a huge confidence boost, and it is brilliant to have another 6 club members with such invaluable river safety skills.

Edit: If you have forgotten the pully setup it can be found here

Sunday September 7th 2014
by Dylan Tomlinson

Polo for Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

Pool sessions every Monday except Easter in the Quarry Centre
– arrive early to be on the water for 8pm and out of the building by 9:30pm.

Sessions are £6 each and we only need 9 bods to cover costs, and we’ll ask you to join after your first couple of sessions.

Indoor polo sessions will continue every Monday until after Easter (23 March depending on demand). We will be organising some local tournaments in the Quarry pool on Saturday or Sunday nights, dates tbc.

Saturday morning outdoor sessions with SPS continue, and there’s Trentham Sunday training dates below.

League dates – All Saturday evenings except first two NW Regionals.

NW Regional Div2 – Three tournaments:

04-Oct – Daytime @ Collingwood Dock (outdoors), Liverpool, L3 0AH
– RESULT: Drew 2, Won 2

22-Nov – Cheadle pool, Manchester, SK8 1JR
– RESULT: Drew 1, Won 3

28-FebCheadle pool, Manchester, SK8 1JR
– FINAL tournament – “just” need three wins from four games to secure the league title

NW Regional Div4 – Four tournaments:

11-Oct – Daytime @Collingwood Dock (outdoors), Liverpool, L3 0AH
– RESULT: Drew 2, Won 3

13-Dec – Lunchtime Cheadle pool, Manchester, SK8 1JR
– RESULT: Lost 2, Won 2

14-Mar – Lunchtime Cheadle pool, Manchester, SK8 1JR

25-Apr – Trentham pool ?
– will probably be deferred until…

17 May (Sunday) – Treantham Lake – All day event to accommodate the uni teams who had BUCS events scheduled against the previous 2 dates


Ladies Northern Development – Four out of five tournaments:

25-Oct-2014 – NOT playing at this one, but extra February date added

24-Jan-2015 – All 17:30-22:00 @ Cheadle
– RESULT: Lost 4
(but last games only 4-2 & 2-1)

– RESULT: Lost 2, Won 2

– RESULT: Lost 1, Won 2
(currently 5th in league)

– FINAL tournament

Trentham Sunday Evening Training Sessions
– £9.50 for 90 minutes @ Fenton 33m Pool, Stoke

19 Oct – Weekend after next…

23 Nov – Immediately after next Div2

01 Feb – Before last Div2
– Got a team of 5 on the water for 90 min session

08 Mar – Before penultimate Div4



Tuesday August 5th 2014
by Tom Hyde

More shiny new kit!

An empty container only stays empty for so long! The new container was to allow space for the club to branch out into more areas of paddlesport. We now have 4 open boats (3 x 14 foot and 1 x 16 foot), 2 x touring boats and another sea boat (bringing us up to 3)

  • 2 Dagger Stratos 14.5 (tourers)
  • 2 Mad River 14 foot (open boat)
  • 1 Venture Ranger (open boat)
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